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American capitalist greed has no end, and your bank account is what it feeds on. If you have credit card debt of any kind, you may as well waive the good life bye forever. 

Here’s why: 

Because right now, you are getting poorer by the minute. Once the cycle starts, it gets more and more impossible to get out. It takes grueling years of hard work and sacrifice, just to pay back money that was spent so long ago you can’t even remember what you bought with it.

You get suckered into working more for less, for longer...just to make someone else rich.

Doesn’t seem very fair does it? 

The Scary Truth About Your Credit Debt...

You are their mouse. They offer you a single credit card with a teaser rate, and next thing you know, you’ve got 5. You’ve got 10. You’ve got the maximum amount of money a credit card company will lend you, and all at rates so high it should be criminal.

And you can’t pay it off on time, because they spread the money across 10 different accounts, so they can charge you late fees in 10 different ways. A crime! Clever, legal...but a crime all the same.

Now you’re locked into their agreements. Locked into their legal and modern version of indentured servitude.

Well I for one am mad as hell, and you should be too.

Because as they say, the chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too strong to be broken. We’ve been manipulated. Because that’s exactly what the credit card companies are counting on when they send you their indentured servitude cards in disguise.

And it’s not just you, millions of american are suffering from the crushing weight of credit card debt. 
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And as we work to the bone, month after month, only working towards becoming more poor every single day...the credit card executives get richer and richer, watching their stock price skyrocket, laughing at us all the way to the bank. 

I’m sorry to say, we’ve been had.

Isn’t it time to stop making these greedy capitalists so rich, and start keeping our hard earned money for ourselves? 

Isn’t it time we took back the power and stopped giving all our money to these manipulative money suckers? 
It definitely is time. Take the power back. 

How Can You Check if You are Eligible?

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Step 2:  Fill out the basic information to see how you can begin keeping your money for yourself, once and for all!

Remember: You do not need to pay anything to check, it's completely free. Any other source that tells you otherwise should be avoided!

The credit card companies know this. They count on it. They know that when they give a mouse a cookie, he’ll want a glass of milk. Give a man an inch, he’ll ask for a mile.

Take The Power Back

Updated Dec. 20th, 2019

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